Goshen, IN – Forest River’s XLR division is proud to announce its partnership with Michael Waddell, Travis “T-Bone” Turner, and Nick Mundt – the “Bone Collector” team! This team will travel with an XLR Hyper Lite 29HFS while filming its top-rated television show on the Outdoor Channel and during attendance at “Bone Collector” tour events throughout the country on a regular basis.

The new “Bone Collector” television show is number one on the Outdoor Channel, reaching 908,000 unique households during the month of January with a gross Nielsen rating of 3.07. The “Bone Collector” team is highlighted by Michael Waddell, who is the most popular personality in hunting. Besides hosting “Bone Collector,” “Realtree Roadtrips,” and other television shows over the years, Michael has also been selected as the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) Spokesman. Joining Michael is co-host Travis “T-Bone” Turner. T-Bone has also appeared on several TV shows and videos, including Realtree’s “Monster Bucks” video series, before joining “Bone Collector”. Co-host Nick Mundt rounds out the team with years of experience as a professional guide and field producer. Mundt has proven this season that he is the go-to guy when it comes to collecting big bucks. The “Bone Collector” Team gives hunters an unforgettable experience with every episode and every local appearance!

National Sales Manager, Brent Stevens looks forward to a long term collaboration stating, “This is the perfect fit between the “Bone Collector” team, and a cross-over RV product designed specifically to appeal to fans who enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle. The 29HFS Hyper Lite was selected to pair with the Team’s new Chevy 1/2 ton truck. This lightweight towable model offers two complete bedrooms, one up front and one in the rear for privacy. It also has plenty of space for Michael’s quad and the team’s outdoor gear. Michael added the electric bed and 4.0 generator with fuel station options to outfit the 29HFS Hyper Lite for dry camping, while on the “Bone Collector” tour.”

This pairing of a specialty RV product with top outdoor television programming projects the exact spirit the XLR brand was developed to embody. Fans can check out “Bone Collector” tour dates at, or through the, weblinks and facebook.

RV Gift Ideas: Christmas Gifts

RV Gift Ideas: Christmas Gifts For Your Favorite RVer

 It’s that time of year again when everyone is scratching their head trying to think of something to give friends and relatives for Christmas.

The process of picking out that perfect Christmas gift can have you fighting crowds — as you go from store to store not really knowing exactly what it is you’re looking for.  So, having some gift ideas in mind before you leave the house will greatly reduce the shopping stress.

The RV lifestyle actually makes Christmas shopping easy for everyone.  This is one activity that is loaded with accessories, add-ons and do-dads that every RVer could use. Chances are, you won’t have to look too hard to find that one special gift for the RVer that will make their RVing experience the best it can be.

Here are some great RV gift ideas that most RVers would be thrilled to own…

Pile of gorgeous gifts

Levels & Stabilizers

RV Leveling Blocks – Plastic stacking blocks that  weigh next to nothing when compared to wooden blocks.  Neat, clean pads that will take up much less storage space.

Stabilizer Jacks – Stands that will stabilize small- to medium-size travel trailers, giving you a more secure footing when you’re walking around inside.

Stocking Stuffers:

Wheel Chocks – Plastic wedges to keep your trailer from rolling away.

Level Indicators – Peel and stick levels to tell you when your trailer or motorhome is sitting level.


A Good Quality Outdoor Recliner – This is sure to be a hit with everyone.  They’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

Folding Tables – You need a place to set your drink while your kicked back in your recliner.

Stocking Stuffers:

Cafeteria Trays – With compartmentalized sections for your food, it’s guaranteed not to fold up on you like a paper plate.  Now the big appetite can easily pile on the food!

Paper Plate Caddies – These make your paper plate strong; they even come with a cup and can holder.

RV Pets

Folding Portable Pet Fence – Give Fido a chance to stretch his legs without putting him in a cage.

Pet Bed – Finally, a comfy place for the dog to call his own on board the RV.

Stocking Stuffers:

Pet Rescue Sign – Make sure your precious pet gets rescued if something should go wrong while you’re gone and he’s left inside the RV.

Travel Pet Dish – You can get one just for food and one just for water, or a combo model that makes feeding your dog on a the go a breeze.

Cooking & Kitchen

Portable Grills – Cooking outdoors is mandatory in the RV lifestyle.  It’s easy to choose the right grill when there is such a large selection.

RV Cookbook – These cookbooks are filled with recipes that only use a few ingredients and can be prepared with the least amount of hassle.  Think: basic ingredients with lots of flavor.

Stocking Stuffers:

Cooking Utensils – These cooking and barbecuing accessories are sure to complement any outdoor kitchen.

Flexible Cutting Mats – Perfect for food prep in small spaces, these flexible mats come in a variety of colors per “set” to eliminate cross-contamination.

These are just a few RV gift ideas to get you started.

When it comes to RVing, you can buy all kinds of nifty add-ons and accessories that will make the RV experience easier and more enjoyable.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of money to find something that your favorite RVer will find useful or helpful.

Visit our store to find those last minute stocking stuffers.

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Across America for Wounded Heroes
In April of 2014, C. Ivan Stoltzfus will embark on a “trip of a lifetime”. He will travel coast to coast across the United States of America, on a two cylinder John Deere Tractor. His mission? To raise awareness and funds for the Wound Warriors Project, an organization which he says has always tugged at his heart.
Ivan’s journey actually began as a young boy when he listened to his own father tell stories of traveling across the United States. In 1937 his father worked his way from the east coast to the west coast for a year- working on farms, driving dirt roads, and crossing the Mississippi River on a swinging wooded bridge. Ivan was fascinated by his father’s stories and dreamed of one day doing a similar type of adventure. As an adult, he often told friends of his hope to someday take a nationwide trip on a John Deere tractor, but life and busy schedules got in the way. However, in recent years, the dream began to tug at his heart again.
Ivan says, “I couldn’t help remembering my dad saying to me in his later years, “Ivan, if you have a dream don’t wait until you are too old and then regret you didn’t do more””. Ivan prayed and wrestled with the idea and the possibilities of making the trip a reality. Finally he made a decision to embark on his cross trip adventure in the spring of 2014. “After I made my decision and set a date, it was like a huge burden was lifted from my shoulders, I knew it was what I was to do. I didn’t know how exactly it was all going to happen, but I knew it was what I was to do”.
Feeling that his adventure should have a purpose and a means to give back to others, he chose the Wounded Warriors Project. Ivan says he realizes how he often takes his freedom in America for granted and how lucky he is to be born and raised in a country where so many men and women have laid down their lives for our freedom and liberties. He believes this is a way he can give back to his country, and to these men and women.
“If I can draw awareness to the many heroes of this great America, then it will be worth it all. My hope is to bring a smile to those who may have lost a limb, or been wounded, who are perhaps feeling worthless and down trodden.” Ivan goes on to say, “This is not about politics or government, this about caring for our fellow man, especially those who may be suffering after having given of their lives for our country.”
The decision to embark on his journey and support Wounded Warriors was made whether Ivan traveled alone, or had the support of a few. However, Ivan quickly realized he had not only the support of a few, but of many. As he told friends and family of his future trip many individuals, organizations, and companies began to pledge their support and assistance. “I am so humbled with all the companies and people who are stepping up and contributing and helping make this trip possible,” Ivan relates.
A local John Deere club, the Waterloo Boys, assisted him in finding and servicing a John Deere model A for the trip. Another company, Earl R Martin Inc, owned by Ivan’s son-in-law, worked at finding and retro fitting a Peterbilt cab for the antique tractor. Additionally, Ivan’s cousin, Earl Stoltzfus of Stoltzfus RV in West Chester, generously donated a 22 foot camper for him to tow behind the tractor and to serve as both home and headquarters for Ivan during his trip. A friend developed a logo featuring the name of his adventure, “Across America for Wounded Heroes”. Countless others also contributed their time, skills, and materials to get everything ready for the cross country journey. “I have a wonderful team of people helping with the details of the trip. They are incredible. I never dreamed it would take so much work and preparation!”
But all the work and preparation will be worth it all if the team is able to fulfill the dream to bring support and awareness for Wounded Warriors. “I see this country as a Great Nation where we need to care about each other, especially when someone is hurting or in need. Let’s remember we are free because of those who fought for our freedom and cared for us- now it’s our turn to care for them”, Ivan says.
He goes on to challenge those interested in learning more about his adventure, “Follow me, or rather come with me. Let’s head across this Great Country and together lets raise 1 million dollars for the Wounded Warrior heroes. Let’s show our fellow Americans we care!”
Ivan’s tractor and his mission to raise 1 million dollars for the Wounded Warriors Fund will be featured at the upcoming Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg, PA in January 2014. Those interested may follow him and his journey on facebook “Across America for Wounded Heroes” and at an upcoming website.

By Christina Martin

Thanksgiving places to GO

If you’re spending Thanksgiving in the RV this season or looking for that last trip before you put your RV to bed for the winter, you’re in for a treat. Plenty of fall festivities happening around the country are just a short drive away. These small-town celebrations are fun for the whole family and sure to create some brand-new traditions.

1. Virginia Thanksgiving Festival, Charles City, Virginia

With countless food, craft vendors, and fun, family-friendly activities, the Virginia Thanksgiving Festival is sure to be hit. Be sure to enjoy shows by the Chickahominy Tribal Dancers, live music, and a traditional Thanksgiving parade.

2. America’s Hometown Thanksgiving, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Every year, Plymouth, Massachusetts, celebrates Thanksgiving while preserving a piece of history. What better way to celebrate the season than in the place where Thanksgiving began? Take part in delicious food festivals, Pilgrim legacy parades, and much more. America’s hometown is a perfect RV destination for Thanksgiving.

3. Rocking Horse Ranch, Highland, New York

Thanksgiving at the Rocking Horse Ranch RV resort is the perfect opportunity to take in the bright colored leaves and cool fall air. Their legendary hayrides show off the beautiful Shawangunk Mountains view. And whether you’re a horseback rookie or a pro, instructors will ensure that you and your family can enjoy a ride you’ll never forget. Getting too cold? Enjoy their yearlong indoor water park.

4. Red Apple Farm, Phillipston, Massachusetts

For a fantastic fall festival this Thanksgiving, Red Apple Farm is the perfect RV destination. With homemade pies, fresh apple cider, and an abundance of maple products, Red Apple Farm’s 11th annual Thanksgiving Harvest Festival is the perfect place to spend a crisp autumn afternoon.

5. Colonial Williamsburg, Williamsburg, Virginia

Taking a trip to Colonial Williamsburg is like going back in time. Interact with Revolutionary City and learn about America’s history this Thanksgiving. With historic tours, art museums, and restaurants, it’s the perfect destination for a historic American Thanksgiving.

With so much to see, taste, and experience this autumn, it’s the perfect time of year to pack up the family and plan a trip to one of these great RV-friendly destinations. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Rv Safety Tips

RV Safety Tips

The carbon-monoxide poisoning death of a Tennessee man at the Talladega Superspeedway over the weekend of Oct. 19 prompted Birmingham, Ala., Fire and Rescue officials to issue RV safety tips for Saturday’s Magic City Classic featuring Alabama A&M against Alabama State University.

“We know that many fans will be attending the football game, indulging in the festivities and spending a considerable time in their campers and RVs,” said Battalion Chief C.W. Mardis.

At Talladega, 46-year-old Craig Franklin Morgan and his wife, Jami Allison Morgan, 38,were found by friends in their RV at the South Campground outside the track. Craig Morgan was pronounced dead at the scene.

His wife remains in critical condition and unconscious at UAB Hospital, a spokeswoman said today. Authorities have said the poisoning appeared to be the result of an exhaust system malfunction.

Mardis offered these tips to keep campers and tailgaters safe from fire and carbon monoxide:

* Inspect generator and propane tank connections for leaks and breaks before each use.

* Check your carbon monoxide detector and smoke detector regularly and change the batteries as needed.

* Turn off all appliances after use.

* Have an emergency exit plan: know where the emergency exits are and be sure everyone can open them.

* Make sure you know how to quickly disconnect all power sources in the event of an emergency.

* Know the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning: Headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, confused and sleepy.

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Guide to RV Camping at Pymatuning State Park

Pennyslvania’s Pymatuning State Park is a beautiful location scattered in smaller units around the edges of the Pymatuning Resevoir. At 17,0888 acres, this lake on the Ohio/Pennsylvania border is the largest in the commonwealth and has more sites in its campgrounds than any other state park. Visitors come for boating, swimming, fishing, camping, wildlife viewing, the fish hatchery, and the natural beauty of the area’s trails. One popular activity is feeding ducks who walk across the backs of the fish crowding in the spillway.

Linesville Campground and Jamestown Camping Area have over 600 sites between them. The RV sites have 30-50 amp hookups, centrally located water, shower, and coin laundry facilities, and sanitary dump stations. Each campground has a fish cleaning station to keep the sites from dealing with complications from that activity. The playgrounds are nice and the store at the Jamestown location is highly rated. The season runs from mid-April to mid-October but the park is open year-round.

The gravel pads are level and range from 29′ to 65′ and there is a 30′ limit on RVs allowed to camp. This pad is also where you’ll need to park your vehicle. Some sites are pet-friendly and the rules are the same at all the PA State Parks — one family or a group of no more than five adults per site, one vehicle per site, no alcohol, etc. Most sites get good signals for phone, tv, or wifi.

There are six host positions at these campgrounds, free camping with at least four weeks of assisting park personnel for 40 hours per week. Contact the park office if you are interested; many RVers love this opportunity to really get to know an area. This one is worth exploring!

There is no better place to buy an RV for PA camping than Stoltzfus RVs & Marine.  Click here to explore our extensive online RV inventory of new and used RVs for sale in PA.  We carry everything from Travel Trailers to Diesel Pushers.

Campground Halloween Costumes and Festivities in PA

PA Campground Halloween EventAre you and your family planning on spending Halloween away from home? Maybe you’re taking a camping trip over Halloween weekend? If so, then you’re in for a treat. Many campgrounds have trick-or-treating, haunted houses, haunted walks, special parties, and more. You can even carve pumpkins to make your campsite more festive!

One of the most important aspects of Halloween is putting together your costume. Assembling your own costume is one really fun part of Halloween preparations and festivities. With all of the costumes sold in stores, homemade costumes are becoming less common. Creating your own original costume is a fantastic way to really get into the spirit of Halloween.

There are a few simple ways to get a costume together. Step one is to come up with an idea. There are no limits on what you can imagine. Your ideas can be scary, heroic, dramatic, kooky — whatever interests you the most. You need to only remember that your idea needs to be one that is actually possible to make and it also needs to be wearable.

Thrift stores are great places to get pieces for your costume. They often have items that are specifically saved for Halloween. If you can sew, you can choose your fabric and pattern at a fabric store. Often, you will find a fabulous selection of Halloween costumes. You can also use your access to nature to create parts of your costume. Shells and flowers make terrific accessories.

Shells make a creative and artistic addition to princess costumes. If you collect plenty of beautiful shells, they can be strung into a necklace or even attached to the collar of a dress. Flowers make nice hair ornaments.

If you want a mask, you can use leaves. All you need is to get a simple mask, which can be bought at most stores around Halloween, glue on the leaves you want to use. Branches and sticks can be used as walking sticks, and if you are so inclined and have the right costume, you can create and string your own bow and arrows. Mud can also be a good part of a costume, should you need to look dirty, or if you just want to use it like face paint.

While you are camping, you have the chance to meet lots of different people. Maybe the new people will help you come up with great costume ideas. If your campground doesn’t already have planned Halloween festivities you can take charge and plan some for everyone who wants to participate. You could even organize a costume contest so you can celebrate and showcase all of the creative Halloween costumes of your fellow campers.

The costume is only one part of the whole Halloween celebration. You should also figure out how to make your evening as spooky fun as possible. Ghost stories are a great way to add a little scare to your night. Sharing ghost stories over the campfire is always fun — just make sure your stories suit the audience. After everyone has spent the evening trick-or-treating, enjoying the jack-o lanterns and participating in all of the Halloween festivities you can find, be prepared with your best ghost story to share with your new found friends.


Penn RV Campground Halloween EventsGettysburg Campground in Gettysburg, Penn.: This park has three consecutive Halloween-themed weekends Oct. 18th to 20th, Oct. 25th to 27th and Nov. 1st to 3rd. Activities include crafts, ceramics, a pumpkin carving contest, costume contests for adults and children, trick or treating, haunted hayrides, a Halloween dance, and a haunted house.
Lake in Wood Campground in Narvon, Penn.: This park features pumpkin decorating and a scarecrow dinner costume party on Nov. 2nd with prizes for the best costume.
THOUSAND TRAILS IN HERSHEY, PA : HAUNTED TRAIL WEEKEND#2 STARTS: 10/18/2013 – ENDS: 10/20/2013 Trick or Treat on Saturday Costume Judging
HAUNTED TRAIL WEEKEND# 3 STARTS: 10/23/2013 – ENDS: 10/27/2013 Trick or Treating Saturday, Costume Judging, Site Decorating

YOGI BEARS JELLEYSTON PARK IN ELMER, NJ: HALLOWEEN WEEKEND IV, OCTOBER 18-20 HALLOWEEN WEEKEND V, OCTOBER 25-27: The witches and zombies return, along with things that go bump in the night. Get ready for spine tingling fun. It’s your next to last chance.

Haunted attractions in the area:


Guide to RV camping at Lyman Run State Park

Lyman Run State Park is a 595-acre park in Potter County, Pennsylvania, which is located in the Allegheny Plateau region of the state. Its grounds are dotted with Maple and Cherry trees and its forests are bordered by Lyman Run Lake, a 45-acre body of water that permits a variety of boating, swimming, fishing and other recreation. Aside from water recreation, the park also offers the outdoor enthusiast activities such as hiking, biking, hunting, ATV riding and snowmobiling, among others.
The park also allows overnight accommodations, such as both tent camping and RV camping during certain parts of the year. In fact, Lyman Run State Park has 35 RV campsites. Here’s a look at some of the features and amenities of the RV campsites at the park:
•    The campsites are located in the Daggett Run area and in the lower campgrounds of the state park.
•    The sites are separate, with each offering a picnic table, fire pit and lantern hanger so campers can enjoy the outdoors before settling down for the night in their RV.
•    Twenty-nine of the 35 campsites are equipped with electricity. The other six are walk-in campsites. Electricity sites come with additional fees.
•    In addition to the campsites, the grounds also offer community bathrooms, which offer hot water, flushing toilets and full showers for guest comfort and convenience. A sanitary dump station to get rid of waste is also available in the lower campgrounds portion of the park.
•    The grounds are pet friendly, but only at designated campsites.
•    The campgrounds are open from mid-April to December.
As you’d might imagine, being that there are only 35 RV campsites, they can book up quickly, especially in the peak tourist and hunting seasons, so it’s best to book well ahead of time to ensure availability.

Stop by today to check out our extensive inventory of new and used RVs for sale in PA.  We carry everything from folding campers to Diesel Pushers.