Spooky Nights At Campsites!

If you and your family are looking for a Halloween getaway, look no further!

In this week’s blog, we will venture into the spooky abyss of Halloween camping attractions! For both Family Friendly Adventures and Adult Thrills!

Kid Friendly Halloween Themed Campsites:

1. Jellystone Park in Lincoln, DE

  • The dates are October 17-19,  Oct. 24-26, & Oct. 31- Nov. 2, 2014
  • Activities include: Trick or treating, movies, pumpkin and site decorating, costume contests, hayrides and more.
  • For more information, visit:   www.delawarejellystone.com

2. Eagles Peak in Robesonia, PA

  • The dates are October 17-19 & Oct. 24-26, 2014.
  • Activities include: Trick or Treat, Halloween crafts, and pumpkin carving.
  • For more information, visit:   http://www.abcamping.com/abeaglespeak/

3. Duncan’s Family Campground in Lothian, MD

  • The dates are October 17-19 & Oct. 24-26, 2014.
  • Activities include: Bobbing for apples, haunted hayrides, Trick or Treat, zombie survival contest, costume contests, pumpkin carving, and more!
  • For more information, visit:   http://duncansfamilycampground.com/index.php

Adult Thrills (Actual Haunted Campsites That Will Scare Your Socks Off!) :

1. Harold Parker State Forest: Massachusetts

  • The Haunted Tale: As you may already be familiar with, during the 1600s in Salem, Massachusetts, people who were accused of practicing witchcraft were persecuted for supposedly bending the laws of nature. This forest is adjacent to the town of Salem and the paranormal happenings of this village tend to spill over into this forest (Scannapiego).
  • Click here to schedule your trip… if you dare!

2. Atlantic Blueberry Hill: New Jersey

  • The Haunted Tale: “This desolate pine forest makes camping at night feel downright creepy—especially since the Jersey Devil supposedly terrorized the area for 200 years. Many described it as a flying two-legged creature with hooves. Others say a woman named “Mother Leeds” invoked the devil as she gave birth to her 13th child, who flew off into the night shortly thereafter. Even Napolean Bonaparte’s brother has claimed to have seen the beast” (Scannapiego).
  • For more information, click here to be taken to their website!

3. Hunting Island: South Carolina

  • The Haunted Tale: “It’s not just the creepy looking Spanish moss that makes Hunting Island a perfect Halloween camping spot. This barrier island—5000 acres of pristine sanctuary for deer, fiddler crabs, egrets and maritime forest—is just a short drive to Savannah, Georgia, AKA: America’s most haunted city. The entire area is famous for its disturbing accounts of aggravated spirits, hauntings and frightening cemeteries” (Scannapiego).
  • For more information on a campsite on Hunting Island, click here… that is if you aren’t scared!

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